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Meet my eldest son Roméo Testa, the next crooner and your next crush.

I have been so busy this last year trying to balance my family of six, my photography business and a project I hold dear to my heart.

My eldest son Roméo has been busy at work recording an album for Columbia Records. He was signed at the tender age of 15 directly by the president Ashley Newton. Ashley assured me that this would be a slow development, and he has completely honored his words. Roméo has grown sonically leaps and bounds, and I have had the pleasure to capture these precious moments unfold from a mother’s perspective.

As we near an EP release some time before the end of the year, and an album sometime in the spring when he turns 18, I am thrilled to be part of his creative team. There is nothing like a mother’s love for their child, and being able to capture the raw beauty has had me in tears of joy!

Check out Roméo Testa and a sneak peak from our shoot yesterday! Elvis and Marlon you better watch out, there is another rising star in the making!


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