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Roméo Testa’s EP OUT October 22

Roméo Testa’s “The End” Out October 22

Introducing L.A.-based musician Roméo Testa, a rare voice that can seamlessly blend rock, blues and soul into one potent pop music package, which is displayed on his debut, a six-song EP entitled The End, to be released through a distribution and label services arrangement with ATO Records on October 22nd.

Romeo Testa to release six song debut EP, The End, on October 22nd

“I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life,” Testa explains. “This EP represents me as a person and a musician, my taste in music and everything I want to stand for.” Executive-produced by Dan Wilson, The End features six songs that include Testa’s true honesty and the journey he’s endured up to this point. The track “Still Misunderstood,” is a song Roméo dedicates to victims of bullying.

The EP also features “The Hardest Part,” a song dedicated to Testa’s older brother, who died from bone marrow cancer. “Wish Me Well,” a song about leaving loved ones to pursue your dreams. “With You,” a tender love song written from Testa’s experience getting lost on the bus on the way to Hyde Park in London. The cheeky “I’m Down,” Testa’s double entendre retort to a girlfriend set to leave him. And last, “Light It Up” has the anthemic feel of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

Born in Costa Rica and raised in Los Angeles, where he received a well-rounded musical education from his parents, Testa has been pursuing his muse since he began playing violin at 7 years old. By 11, he was writing songs in his bedroom with an electric guitar and cutting them on a TASCAM tape recorder, both given to him as birthday gifts from his father. Roméo went on to study viola at the prestigious Interlochen Music School in northern Michigan. Signed to a record contract on the strength of a single song. Testa immersed himself in creating music over the past two years and now, he’s turned his attention to performing those songs before live audiences.

For Roméo Testa, The End is just the beginning, and for me his mother I am so happy to have had the opportunity to document/ photograph the rise of my shining star.

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Ken Paves for Self Help Hair

It was a pleasure to shoot my dear friend Ken Paves this past month, he has a book out in June called ” You Are Beautiful”. Ken and I go way back to the very  beginning of his very successful career.  I was pleased to hear that he included me in his book and how his whole journey started. I have so much respect for Ken! Not only is he is an amazing hair dresser, and one of the hardest workers I know, but his heart is HUGE, and he is a very giving human being who does so much good work in the world. I have been so honored to capture his essence, and here is a sneak peak at  a couple of images  that I would like to share with you all.

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With the changing of seasons comes the gentle reminder that it’s time for your annual family portraits. I am so excited to be offering our holiday portrait specials to you again this year, I hope that you’ll be able to take advantage of them!
Studio Sessions
Nature Sessions
Location TBA
$150 – Mini Session
Online Gallery Only.
***No DVD
$200 – Standard Session
Online Gallery
$300 – Deluxe Session
45 Minute Photo Shoot
Online Gallery
Outfit Changes
Multiple Poses
Individuals Portraits
$500 – Premium Session
***You pick the date.
1 Hour Photo Shoot
Online Gallery
Outfit Changes
Multiple Poses
Individuals Portraits
If you are interested in booking a holiday session make sure to specify iwhat service you are interested in.
***Our holiday portrait prices are only valid for the months of November and December.
Holiday templates can be made for additional fee, along with holiday card layout and prints.

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Meet my eldest son Roméo Testa, the next crooner and your next crush.

I have been so busy this last year trying to balance my family of six, my photography business and a project I hold dear to my heart.

My eldest son Roméo has been busy at work recording an album for Columbia Records. He was signed at the tender age of 15 directly by the president Ashley Newton. Ashley assured me that this would be a slow development, and he has completely honored his words. Roméo has grown sonically leaps and bounds, and I have had the pleasure to capture these precious moments unfold from a mother’s perspective.

As we near an EP release some time before the end of the year, and an album sometime in the spring when he turns 18, I am thrilled to be part of his creative team. There is nothing like a mother’s love for their child, and being able to capture the raw beauty has had me in tears of joy!

Check out Roméo Testa and a sneak peak from our shoot yesterday! Elvis and Marlon you better watch out, there is another rising star in the making!


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Summer time special has come and gone, had so much fun and I want to share with you

My third time photographing Greyson from Ford Models, I love seeing how much she has grown.

















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We are so glad you came for a visit through our new website, and as a thank you we would like to offer you this special gift…There will be  several sessions through July available, so call to book your appointment.

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”KIWI loves Naturally Fun Parties for Kids: What fresh, fun ideas for celebrating. Kids and the planet will be delighted!” –Sarah Smith, Editor-in-Chief –KIWI Magazine

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids is a refreshing take on celebrations for families. Anni Daulter’s approach is simple yet beautiful. I love the way she shows us how to make children’s fetes fun and healthy. This book is great to read, gorgeous to look at, and full of easy-to-use ideas for sustainable celebrations that every family can get behind. –Alanna Stang, Editor-in-Chief, Whole Living.


In Naturally Fun Parties for kids, Anni and Heather take us into the world of children’s parties, and do so with the dedication to simplicity, reverence for the natural world, wholesome food, and beauty that we have come to expect from their work.

As soon as I picked up the book, I fell in love with the beautiful photos. My 6 year old son and I sat down together and thumbed through the pages, diving right in to the exquisite photos and commenting on what party elements we want to try. Just looking at the pictures had us dreaming up plans of all the parties we could have all year round.

One of my very favorite aspects of Anni and Heather’s book is the overarching concept of gathering children together for celebrations throughout the year — not just for birthday parties. While I love having parties to celebrate my children, this book emphasizes celebrations that take the focus off of one child. I can’t wait to get kids together just to celebrate, making each child an equal part of the festivities.

Fabric Banner

Throughout the book Anni and Heather have countless ideas for how to incorporate simple repurposed items or low cost purchases from thrift stores. There are amazing ideas for everything from invitations to decorations to games involving objects you can find around your home or in nature and save up for a special party.

Tic Tac Toe with sticks and rocks

I deeply appreciate the strong move against the mass-produced and poorly made items found at super stores provided by Naturally Fun Parties for kids. I also think it is fantastic that the items are simple and beautiful and that the act of preparing for the parties can be an engaging and memorable experience of its own.


Girls Spa Party

If you are looking for birthday party ideas, any of the suggested party themes could be turned into a birthday party. However, the theme of the one birthday party in this book is simply amazing — “Gratitude Birthday Party”. What better way to celebrate the birthday of a child than to celebrate all there is to be grateful for? That is a world I want to live in with my family.

Gratitude Banner

Naturally Fun Parties for kids is certain to become a well-used, dogged-eared, and food-stained book in my library. While I would love to preserve the incredible beauty on all the pages, I know that this book will be used often and loved. Frankly, that will just make it more beautiful over the years, infusing memories of wonderful times with friends and family into the pages.



These days buying books is a rare luxury for me, so when I saw on another blog that
Anni Daulter was offering her new book to bloggers
in return for mentioning her book on your blog,
I immediately reached out. I have had my eye on one of her other books;
The Organic Family cookbook, for some time, and felt certain that I would like her new book;
Naturally Fun Parties for kids

A few days ago I finally received the book,
by way of a friend in Miami, and I was not disappointed.
As for the first impression I just adore the pictures and the general set up of the book;
little fairies fluttering about in flowing dresses, big smiles and shiny eyes. And the book being dived into four main chapters, each focusing on a separate season.
Everything in this book has the feeling of the natural world.
The invitations are handmade and unique.
Most of the settings require nothing more than your backyard, a park or your own living room.
Decorations are simple and mainly taken from the natural world and complemented with things most of us will already have at home already.
The crafts and projects are simple and fun, and it is the attention to details that give each celebration a full and well rounded feeling.
The recipes look so yummy and healthy and offers something for everyone.The beauty of this book though, is that for those who prefer to have a complete party plan from beginning to end, it is beautifully offered here.


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Welcome To the Belli Bambini Blog !

We are super excited to share our blog with you.  Here you will find the latest news and other inspiration in our world.  Stay tuned for lots more to come !

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